Beijing – Shanghai Trip Got Faster With 350 km/hr Fuxing Bullet Trains.

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Shanghai and Beijing are closer than ever now that the Fuxing bullet trains have sped up. Their max speed is now 350 km/hr, bringing the total travel time down to 4 hours, 18 minutes.

Considering how much easier it is to get to the train station rather than the airport, this speed increase comes close to putting total travel time on par with flying.

It’s not just a speed increase, either. The transportation network can now handle a much greater volume, as the number of lines has been more than doubled from 7 to 15.

Fuxing, also known as “Rejuvenation”, is China’s self-developed new generation of bullet trains. Last September, the speed of Fuxing was increased to 350 km/h on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway line and has become the world’s fastest operational train service.

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